Obedience Classes 

Basics Obedience

This class will work on teaming with your dog to learn how to communicate with each other and reinforce behaviors you like while redirecting behaviors you don’t like. We will learn Sit, Down, Touch, Leave It, Stay, walking on a loose leash, greeting humans, greeting other dogs, door etiquette, and beginning heeling work. More importantly, we will teach your dog to focus on you, and work to strengthen his intelligence to facilitate learning.

Intermediate Obedience

General Description: This class is an introduction to some of the obstacles of agility, including the tunnel, chute, A-Frame, tire jump, dog walk, teeter, and table. Jumping skills will be introduced, as well as basic concepts for handling.


Goals: By the end of the class, the dog will be able to confidently perform on A-Frame, dog walk, and teeter (set low) with appropriate contact behaviors, tunnels, table, jumps and tire.


Tricks Class

General Description: This class is a continuation of Intro to Agility. Short, 2-4 obstacle sequences are emphasized, and the focus is on continuing to build on the concepts of intro to agility, especially jumping skills and handling. New obstacles include broad jump and weave poles.


Goals: By the end of the class, the dog will be able to perform off lead with some control, including short sequences, comfort working on both sides of the handler and proper jumping habits.


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