Agility Classes by Level


This class is a nice place to start if you are thinking about agility for your dog. It’s perfect for young puppies, or any dog who needs a firm foundation in control before starting on equipment. Shy dogs will benefit from the foundation work in this class, building confidence to progress further. Dogs will learn about balance and movement, hind end awareness, targeting and sending, among other fundamental elements of the sport.

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Level 101

General Description: This class is an introduction to some of the obstacles of agility, including the tunnel, chute, A-Frame, tire jump, dog walk, teeter, and table. Jumping skills will be introduced, as well as basic concepts for handling.

Goals: By the end of the class, the dog will be able to confidently perform on A-Frame, dog walk, and teeter (set low) with appropriate contact behaviors, tunnels, table, jumps and tire.

Requirements to Advance:

  • Ability to perform obstacles confidently with little physical guidance from handler without undue physical or mental stress.

  • Control on and between obstacles.

  • Dog must have a basic idea of targeting. May need reminder treat occasionally.

  • Handler must understand targeting concepts.

Level 2

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General Description: This class is a continuation of Intro to Agility. Short, 2-4 obstacle sequences are emphasized, and the focus is on continuing to build on the concepts of intro to agility, especially jumping skills and handling. New obstacles include broad jump and weave poles.

Goals: By the end of the class, the dog will be able to perform off lead with some control, including short sequences, comfort working on both sides of the handler and proper jumping habits.

Requirements to Advance:

  • Show obstacle proficiency, proper jumping technique and off lead control.

  • Ability to perform 3 obstacle sequences smoothly with focus.

  • Ability to perform contacts readily and smoothly with good target behavior. May perform with target dish in place but recognition of behavior is expected.

  • Confidence on all equipment taught to date.

  • Ability to perform a reliable recall - dog comes in most situations.

  • Dog must be able to perform a floor to floor teeter without excessive fear.

  • Dog must understand the concept of weaving. In-line weaving is not required, but the dog should be close.

Level 3

General Description: This class is a focus class. Weave poles are solidified. Weaves and teeter are practiced in sequences. There is also a continuation of handling skills.


Goals: By the end of the class, the dog will be able to:

  • Confidently perform all obstacles.

  • Capably perform 6 weave poles in-line.

  • Completely perform introductory handling exercises.


Requirements to Advance:

  • Ability to perform 6 weave poles in a straight line.

  • Dogs must weave independently without handler assistance (i.e. excessive verbal commands, waving hands back and forth and dancing to name a few).

  • Confidence with all obstacles.

  • Able to perform handling and control exercises

Level 4

General Description: This class will focus on teaching the dog and handler to work as a team. Emphasis is on skills like front and rear crosses.



  • Learn directional commands, develop handling (turn, heel, position) and body language.

  • Work with the A-Frame at 5’ and Dog Walk at 4’.

  • Progress with weaving skills, develop independent weaves.

  • Work on varied approaches to obstacles.

  • Build confidence and develop flow in sequences.


Requirements to Advance:

  • Complete comfort on all obstacles.

  • Maintain focus through a 5 to 6 obstacle course.

  • Perform contacts with minimal assistance.

  • Perform 6 in-line weave poles.

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K-9 Conditioning and Body Awareness

General Description: This class is perfect for canine athletes, as well as dogs who need to learn how to work their bodies and gain awareness of their potential. This class is a must for canine athletes as well as dogs with disabilities.



  • Use the canine conditioning equipment to strengthen and enhance your dog‘s body and mind.

  • Use force-free training that builds on commonly trained behaviors and actions all dogs do in sports.

  • Utilize equipment such as the FitPAWS peanuts, balance board, balance bones, and treadmill.


*Once you have completed the class, you will be able to purchase an exercise package and use the equipment at Sky Dogs to continue to condition and train.*

CPE Games

General Description: This class will focus on a different agility game each week. It will also give you an opportunity to run full courses with speed, great practice for you and great fun for your dog!


  • We will examine some of the things you’ll see in course design, game guidelines, hints and habits for successful performance, and build confidence for thinking ‘on your feet’.



General Description: This class will continue to focus on the teamwork of agility, building on skills from Level 4. Students will refine handling techniques, improve the performance of obstacles (especially weave poles), and prepare to compete at the starters/novice level.



  • Learn basic jumping patterns; as well as further develop handling and body language.

  • Work to full height obstacles (A-Frame at 5’6 and Dog Walk at 4’).

  • Work on varied approaches to obstacles.

  • Solidify obstacle performance.

  • Obstacle discrimination.

  • Full height jumping.

  • Intro games (Gamblers, Snookers, etc.).

  • Courses with handling critique.

  • Distance work.


Requirements to Advance:

  • Ability to perform short standard agility courses.

  • Complete comfort with minimal assistance on all obstacles.

  • Maintain focus through an 8 – 10 obstacle course.

  • Perform contacts with minimal assistance.

Agility SkillS

General Description: Focuses on the fundamental skills needed for that specific level. Is offered at multiple levels. Fundamental skills include specific equipment, turns, commands, approaches, body language, etc.



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Agility Courses and Sequences

General Description: This class takes the fundamental skills learned in our Agility Skills class and applies them to running courses! You get to see what your dog is made of with this one, working through various sequences of equipment for that level. Offered in multiple levels as well.


Agility Teacup

General Description: This class combines all levels of agility for our little pups! You should go through Fundamentals before taking this class. IT is geared towards dogs 20 inches at the shoulders and under. The courses are tighter and the equipment is smaller for the little dogs


General Description: This class concentrates on CPE games classes, AKC novice courses, and USDAA starters courses and the handling skills needed for them as well as advanced handling strategies, getting the dog ready for higher levels of competition.



  • Learn rules and strategies for various games classes

  • Refine handling skills needed for CPE competition

  • Refine skills used in agility (crosses, turns, distance, etc.)

  • Continue to proof obstacle performance​

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